Our Members of the Month!

Congrats to SELENY from LODI! Our manager chose Seleny because she is in the club every single day and brings a great smile and attitude every time! We look forward to seeing Seleny in the gym, she brighten’s everyone’s day!

High five to PERRY from WEST SAC! Our staff member Mikeila chose Perry as our Member of the Month for March because “He always walks in & out of the gym with a great smile & attitude, and never fails to come in every week!! He pushes himself more & more each time he trains with our trainer Justin.” Great work, Perry!

Shoutout to LISA from LAND PARK for this AMAZING postpartum transformation! Lisa was picked by our manager because she “Works hard after just giving birth to a baby boy. She comes in with a big smile and is super enthusiastic about training with her Naja!” Congrats Lisa!